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Interview with Popović Zeljko

Today we meet Popović Zeljko, member of the Siu Lam Weng Chun family and founder of South East Europe Weng Chun Association, under the International Weng Chun Kung Fu Association.

Dear Popović, when did you start with Martial Arts?
I started long time ago. Now are 31 years...long hard work...

When did you start to practice Siu Lam Weng Chun?
I started Shaolin Weng Chun in 2007 with GM Andreas Hoffmann (

Can you tell us what is the different between Wing Chun and Weng Chun, if you can?
Differences are in form and concept and name is not the seme. They are two different styles.
Wing: siu nim tau, chun kiu, biu jee. Weng: sap yat kuen, fa kuen, saam by fut, chong kuen...etc. It is totaly different...History is different, Master are different all...

You founded your own organization. What are your relations with other associations?
Yes, but we work with other kung fu and not kungfu associations, cooperation is open for all, friendship a crose martial arts.

Can we know what are the differences between Weng Chun's families styles?
Weng Chun differences are minimal, body flow or not, forms seme, 3 or 4 forms, Tang, Chu family not do...Sheung Dao...only...Lo family do that and Wai Yan - Andreas Hoffmann, I belive that is important Dao form must be in Shaolin Weng Chun. Today all Weng Chun  families not have any past problems. You do what your Master show you all is good.

What are the principles behind the Luk Dim Boon Kwan?
I call Long Pole 6.5. etc, many way are in Long Poole I will be short. Seven fighting concept:
Tsin, Si, Tsau, Tun, Bik, Got and Cheung. Tang family: Tai, Lan, Dim, Kit, Got, Wun, Lao,  etc.  This part need longer story...

Who is your Master, now, if you have one?
GM Andreas Hoffmann and I work with Master Cesario Di Domenico.

Who were your Masters in the past?
Past: Master Slavko Truntic, Milan Prosenica and many: William Cheung, Lo Man Kam,  Leung Ting, Emin Botzepe. Many in Tai Chi, Yi Quan, Eskrima, Burma Boxing, etc. 31 years...story is long.

How many hours do you train now?
I have 7 day a week training - minimum 1.5 to 6 hours. I have all days training with students, assistents and instructors. Plus I have my own time for mayself training Long Pole,  Wooden Dummy, etc. Chen, Yang and Bagua forms. I must do all the time.

Are you a professional martial artist or have other jobs?
I work professional martial arts, full time 360 days in one year.

You are Master of Weng Chun. Who gave you this title? What means it? And how do someone become one?
Yet I'm not SiFu in Weng Chun. I'm Shi Fu in Yong Chun, Wing Chun. Shi Fu means "hard work-master father" for me. I not buy from somebody name "ShiFu". I just work and my Shi  Gong Slavko Truntic gave me after 5 years work with him.

When were you appointed as SiFu?
In 1990 in Zagreb ex Yugoslavia - today Croatia -. There vas 15 students who see that, same day Barac Zoran had title Shi Fu. He still work in Zagreb Wing Chun.

How many hours per week should train a student to grow in a serious way?

5/10 years every day students must work...This is only way. Don't buy certificate, just work and one day all come you can be Shi Fu and don't ask when come this title Shi Fu.  I know many instructors today who pay for title Shi Fu, but it's wrong. Only training is good way.

What are the "Kiu Sau" concepts?
No contact - bridge hands, punch and attack = fighting: Sat Kok, Dae Tong, Kam Na, Chi Gek...etc.

Is there in Weng Chun the Poon Sau exercise, for Chi Sau?
We do contact and attack. Chi Sao roling is minimum: touch and attack...all is different in Weng Chun.

Think to come to Italy sooner or later?
Last visit in Italy was in 1990 in Livorno. I hope I will come again, many friends I have in italy.

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