domenica 17 aprile 2011

Free yourself from your own force - First principle of power

My Friend and Student Pasquale "Guido" Mazzotta translated and adapted one of my article for his blog's readers. I invite my followers to go on this link to read our work about the first principle of power: I thank Guido for his hard work to study, train and spread our great Martial Art!

"Free yourself from your own force" seems to be one of the main points to face Chi Sao ("sticky hands", one of the typical exercises of the style), but not only this. Let' s go deep inside the topic.
First, we have to consider that the energy is not the force. Energy is an internal concept, that can be expressed externally without the use of the force. Often, it' s the absence of force to give us the energy we need to face a fighting. When we create a bridge (Kiu) between us and the opponent, we create also an energetic pressure. When we use the force instead of pressure, we give the opponent a signal, so he will have more opportunities to free himself from us and from our force. That's why we need do not use force during the contact, but instead we need to create the right tendon and muscle tension, in order to control and manage our won balance as well as the incoming forces.

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