mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

Free yourself from your opponent's force - Second principle of power

My Friend and Student Pasquale "Guido" Mazzotta translated and adapted another article for his blog's readers. I invite my followers to go on this link to read our work about the first principle of I thank Guido for his hard work to study, train and spread our great Martial Art!

If our force is a kind of matter that is projected from the inside out, on the other side the opponent's strength tends to follow the opposite way, to enter into us, in our spine, our center. Therefore, these two forces going in opposite directions, mine from the inside out, the other from outside to inside.

By the term "to free", we mean in this case "avoid this force being released into our body"; it will be necessary to prevent the entry of the opponent force while continuing to project our own (to not violate the first law of force).

However, if the two forces collide in a direct way we could hardly apply the first principle: it is as if a person wants to leave a room and the other one wants to enter, if ythey try to do both frontally and at the same time, probably none of them succeed in his goal, just they keep pushing one each other, using the raw strength - that we want to refine at least -. So it is necessary that the opponent's strength does not affect us without this being a result of a confrontation between the forces.

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